Residential Urban Training (R.U.T)
Forward Education
Nov 21, 2023
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3 hours
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Hour Class at determined location


Students will be able to demonstrate the ability to think, react, move and communicate while working in a team.  Students will be able to demonstrate the basic methods, communication and tactics for entry and clearing.  Effectively engaging multiple threats from direct front as well as laterally and rear. This class is designed to instill the basic skill set of working in a team size element to gain entry into a structure and secure positive situational awareness and Intel. Students will demonstrate the ability to locate any threat and or hostage and formulate a plan and execute that plan while maintaining safety for the other students. This final evaluation will be critiqued and graded by the instructors in a pass/fail method. Students must complete level 1 pistol and level 1 carbine to attend.




Materials needed:

All firearms must have lights 

Secondary Flashlight


Double or single point sing


OWB holster 

Support gear(Plate Carrier, chest rig,ETC.)


Class will be held at:

3701 Kirby Dr. Suite 101

Houston, Texas