David is a 21 year veteran and retired (SEAL)Senior Chief.  He’s fought in Afghanistan,Iraq and Bosnia as well as instructing and assisting in counter drug operations throughout South America and Foreign Internal Defense missions throughout Africa and Europe.  His qualifications include:  Pointman/lead Navigator, Lead Communicator, Combat Swimmer Instructor, Master Rigger, Static and Freefall Jump Master, Lead Breacher, Tactical Driving Instructor, Desert Mobility Commander, Range Safety Officer (Static and Dynamic live fire, Explosive, CQC, Vehicle IAD and Heavy Weapons), Goody finished his career serving three years at Advanced Training Command running the Lead Breacher Course. 



Michael is a current Level 4 security officer/consultant and a weapons instructor who travels all over the country to share his passion and knowledge for weapons, combat, and training. He is often requested to attend industry shows to demonstrate his expertise on these systems and how they perform. Michael is published is several industry blogs and other media outlets. Not only does Michael have several certifications from National Rifle Association, he has training in basic medical courses. Michael earned Knighthood with the SCARS Institute Of Combat Sciences. SCARS is the first officially recognized Hand to Weapon Fighting System for the United States NAVSPECWARCOM’S Navy SEAL Teams. Traveling all over the country to assist our Veterans through organizations like Life of Valor and Folds of Honor is Michael’s passion. He is always available for any of our country’s service men and women in need. All the branches of the military, retired or active duty, are often on the range training with Michael. As a former private security escort for VIP clients, Michael has been placed in situations that assist him in training using real world applications to educate others in the classroom and on the range.


David is a former Navy Seal and has recently gone back to school to become a level I Trauma Nurse. David graduated BUD/s in 2003 and then went on to Seal Qualification Training. In January of 2004 he checked into Seal Team 5 on the west coast. While at Team 5 David completed 3 combat deployments to Iraq. He operated in areas such as Baghdad, Ramadi, Rhawa, and Mosul. On these operations overseas David was a Primary Breacher, Lead Assaulter, and Primary Sniper. He performed these duties on countless Direct Action missions and on countless Sniper Over watch missions. David was also hand selected and placed on a Sniper team and was sent into Mosul to assist an Army Camp which was being heavily mortared and was constantly under attack. After David's third deployment he then went to the Navy Special Warfare Center. There he spent a year and a half as a BUD/s Instructor putting students through Seal training. David
has been awarded multiple combat medals which included a Bronze Star with a V, a Navy Commendation with a V, among others. After getting out of the Seal Teams, David spent four and a half years in maritime security protecting commercial vessels as they traveled through high threat areas.  


WILL (GB) Will is currently serving with 19th Special Forces Group and has served in the United States Army for almost 9 years. He has fought and instructed in Afghanistan, Colombia, and Puerto Rico. He has worked with local and foreign government agencies such as the DEA and the Department of State as well as Colombian special operations forces. His qualifications include Special Forces Qualification Course, Special Forces Advanced Urban Combat, Special Forces Sniper Course Level 2, Army Ranger School, Mountain Leaders Advanced Rifle Marksmanship, Defensive and Tactical Driving Course, SERE-C (High Risk) and Special Operations Combative Program Level 1 among others. He currently spends his time instructing civilians and law enforcement on advanced shooting techniques and tactics.   

ROB (WALDO)     

Rob is a current TCOLE Instructor, retired FBI Special Agent and U.S. Marine Corps veteran. He served in the FBI from 1995 - 2019 with field office assignments in San Diego, CA and Houston, TX. Rob spent four years in the San Diego Office on the Technical Surveillance Operations Squad and twenty years in the Houston Office working fugitive, health-care fraud, public corruption, and counterterrorism investigations. He spent the last five years of his career on a HUMINT (Human Intelligence) squad addressing criminal and national security confidential informant matters. He has attended the FBI HUMINT basic, intermediate and advanced operations courses and the HUMINT Instructor Trainer Course. Rob was an investigative case agent his entire assignment in Houston, working a national-level major terrorism case and four-year undercover corruption operation. He had collateral duties as the Evidence Response Team (ERT) - Alpha Team Leader and TDY support to the ERT and Logistic component of FBI Rotation-10 to the Iraqi Theater of Operations.


Eric has over 20 years working in public safety and is currently a Special Operations Specialist for Cypress Creek EMS (CCEMS), where he is the Team Leader for a multi-jurisdictional special operations group. Eric is a course coordinator for multiple trauma courses for the National Association of Emergency Medical Technicians (NAEMT). He is a Deputy constable with the Montgomery County Constables Office Precinct 3, an Assistant Team Leader for their Rapid Response Group (RRG), a commissioned peace officer since 2011, and has been in EMS since 1999. Eric speaks nationally on public safety training and specializes in tactical emergency medicine and tactical operational medical support. Additional instructor certifications: TCOLE Instructor, TCOLE Firearms, ALERRT Level I, II, AAIR, and CRASE