Michael is a current Reserve Police Officer and a weapons instructor who travels all over the country to share his passion and knowledge for weapons, combat, and training. He is often requested to attend industry shows to demonstrate his expertise on these systems and how they perform. Michael is published is several industry blogs and other media outlets. Not only does Michael have several certifications from National Rifle Association, he has training in basic medical courses. Michael earned Knighthood with the SCARS Institute Of Combat Sciences. SCARS is the first officially recognized Hand to Weapon Fighting System for the United States NAVSPECWARCOM’S Navy SEAL Teams. Traveling all over the country to assist our Veterans through organizations like Life of Valor and Folds of Honor is Michael’s passion. He is always available for any of our country’s service men and women in need. All the branches of the military, retired or active duty, are often on the range training with Michael. As a former private security escort for VIP clients, Michael has been placed in situations that assist him in training using real world applications to educate others in the classroom and on the range.



David is a 21 year veteran and retired (SEAL)Senior Chief.  He’s fought in Afghanistan,Iraq and Bosnia as well as instructing and assisting in counter drug operations throughout South America and Foreign Internal Defense missions throughout Africa and Europe.  His qualifications include:  Pointman/lead Navigator, Lead Communicator, Combat Swimmer Instructor, Master Rigger, Static and Freefall Jump Master, Lead Breacher, Tactical Driving Instructor, Desert Mobility Commander, Range Safety Officer (Static and Dynamic live fire, Explosive, CQC, Vehicle IAD and Heavy Weapons), Goody finished his career serving three years at Advanced Training Command running the Lead Breacher Course. 



Andy was an infantryman for 23 years in the U.S. Army. He has held positions from rifleman to First Sergeant. He has been to many civilian and military schools, including SERE, Ranger school, Designated Marksman and many others. He has been deployed throughout the globe serving in both humanitarian and combat roles. During his time in service, he has trained and trained with military and security forces on many continents. He has written military doctrine, Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for up to Battalion size elements, Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures (TTPs) and articles during and after his term of service. He is still asked to develop and revise doctrine among other things. He continues to further himself by learning about the latest weapons, and tactics and techniques being used by civilian and military forces. Since retiring, he has been using his knowledge to assist other warfighters to adjust to civilian life and be a functional element of society after their term of service is complete.



Jordan is a New Mexico Reserve Police Officer and Tactical Medic. He started his EMS career in 2003, providing medical support in austere settings for the University of New Mexico EMS program and working as a fight medic. After Graduating with honors from UNM with a degree in Criminology, he spent 6 years as the Director of Training for Calibers. There, he was responsible for the development and execution of training programs for thousands of civilians, law enforcement, and military personnel. During that time, he became very proficient at articulating critical information to a highly varied demographic. His unique approach to self-defense training allows people from all backgrounds to feel comfortable and appreciated while learning complex topics. In 2009, Jordan began his training as a tactical medic and holds several medical licenses and certifications in trauma life support in tactical environments. He currently utilizes his training and experience as the Lead Tactical Medic for Warrant Service and Fugitive Apprehension teams. In addition to his medical background, Jordan is an accomplished martial artist and fighter. He holds two black belts in Bai Her Kung Fu and Shaolin Kung Fu, and was the 2006 USCKF National Light Heavy Weight Kick Boxing Champion while studying under Greg Jackson and Mike Winkeljohn. Additionally, Jordan has studied Jiu-Jitsu, Krav Maga, and MMA extensively. Jordan has dedicated much of his career learning and has acquired over 2000 hours of advanced training from law enforcement and civilian schools. He continues to acquire new skills and knowledge through participation in training schools around the country. He has transferred that knowledge to thousands of students in the private and public sectors. He brings his law enforcement experience, training, and passion for teaching to his students to provide them with invaluable lifesaving information and skills.



David is a former Navy Seal and has recently gone back to school to become a level I Trauma Nurse. David graduated BUD/s in 2003 and then went on to Seal Qualification Training. In January of 2004 he checked into Seal Team 5 on the west coast. While at Team 5 David completed 3 combat deployments to Iraq. He operated in areas such as Baghdad, Ramadi, Rhawa, and Mosul. On these operations overseas David was a Primary Breacher, Lead Assaulter, and Primary Sniper. He performed these duties on countless Direct Action missions and on countless Sniper Over watch missions. David was also hand selected and placed on a Sniper team and was sent into Mosul to assist an Army Camp which was being heavily mortared and was constantly under attack. After David's third deployment he then went to the Navy Special Warfare Center. There he spent a year and a half as a BUD/s Instructor putting students through Seal training. David
has been awarded multiple combat medals which included a Bronze Star with a V, a Navy Commendation with a V, among others. After getting out of the Seal Teams, David spent four and a half years in maritime security protecting commercial vessels as they traveled through high threat areas.  




Timothy served as an Infantryman for over 20 years in the U.S. Army. Most of his career was spent dedicated to Reconnaissance, Surveillance, and Long Range Target interdiction. He has multiple combat deployments, and has used these experiences to help develop sniper programs within the U.S. Army during his career. His training includes Long Range Marksman, SERE-C, Sniper Employment Leaders Course, Sniper, Long Range Surveillance Leaders Course, Basics Man-Tracking, Jumpmaster, SPIES/FRIES Master.
Since Retirement Tim continues to teach and train both LE and Military. He assists in refining SOPs and the development of training courses.



Chris is a current Police Officer and a TCOLE Certified Firearms Instructor, who enjoys sharing his passion and knowledge for weapons and Officer Survival. Chris holds a TCOLE Instructor Certification and currently a Field Training Officer for his Agency. Chris has attended FBI Street Survival Training and Tactics. Chris also trains and assists the Texas Narcotic Officer’s Association, East Region with firearms training and State Conferences. Chris’s extensive knowledge of street survival and firearms has helped other Officers survive the fight when in need. Chris possesses a passion in passing on his wealth of training and knowledge in a professional manner. Chris currently holds the Texas Peace Officer Achievement Award, Officer Valor Award and a Peace Officer Purple Heart. He also holds an award from the International Chiefs of Police Association. In 2000, Chris was in an Officer Involved Shooting, with in his first 9 months of duty. His training skills and knowledge is what assisted in his survival. Since this incident he has encouraged young and veteran officers to continue the fight (training). Chris is always available and will assist any Officer or Law Abiding Citizen in possessing the knowledge to survive.


 Ben is a licensed Police Officer with over nine years of service, including Instructor, Field Training Officer and Sniper on the SWAT Scout/Sniper team. During his tenure as a SWAT Sniper he completed multiple solo and team-based Sniper missions as well as various other high-threat SWAT based operations. Ben served in the Army and was deployed to Iraq as a Sniper and later promoted to Sniper Team Leader for actions in combat. Upon returning from combat, he moved to the National Guard where he was an Instructor for Cavalry Scouts. Ben taught classes on multiple weapon systems, Land Nav., and tactical movement techniques in various combat environments. He thrives on passing on his knowledge and experience from combat and Police service.


Brandon is a 10 year U.S. Navy Fleet Marine Force (FMF) Hospital Corpsman that has been through two combat tours to Iraq and one to Afghanistan with US Marine Infantry units.  During his time in service he furthered his military medical education by attending Operational Emergency Medical School, Stress Med at Black Water, EMT B, TCCC, Combat Life Savers Course, TCCC and CLSC Instructional courses, and Field Surgical Care our at Camp Pendleton.  Doc was honorably discharged in 2011 and since then has become an entrepreneur, designed a patented personal med bag called the DROP PAK, and is a consultant in tac med training/firearm safety training. 


Karl is currently a Firearms Instructor holding several NRA Certifications including Basic pistol, Rifle, Shotgun and Chief Range Safety Officer, as well as Texas DPS certification as a License To Carry Instructor. Karl has earned the Combat Infantryman’s badge serving in the Army as an Infantry Team Leader in Afghanistan, He later joined the Coast Guard as a Maritime Enforcement Officer doing Counter Terrorism and Narcotics interdiction. Karl uses past experience and honed training techniques to give students confidence with their instruction.



Doug Vaughn has over 18 years experience in Brazilian jiu-jitsu and currently has held the rank of black belt for the last 4 years. Doug has over 14 years teaching and has developed the skills needed to teach individuals of all levels. He has taught law enforcement officers and personal security personnel as well as private citizens. Currently the head Brazilian Jiu jitsu professor for Global Martial arts, Doug received his black belt from Carlos Machado Black Belt Eddie Avilar in 2012. Doug has been providing daily classroom instruction as well as private instruction for over 14 years.


Daniel joined the United States Marine Corps in 1999. Shortly after his enlistment stated he was selected to serve as a member of the security forces for the Presidential Retreat, Camp David. He helped provide security for countless US and Foreign Diplomats as well as the Vice President. Daniel served there until he left the Marine Corp in 2003. After leaving the Marine Corps, Daniel began working for Triple Canopy, Inc. Daniel worked in the middle east providing close protection for US Diplomats in the southern region of Iraq. Daniel worked in Iraq for 6 years ultimately as a Team Leader. In 2011 Daniel returned to the United States and began teaching for Triple Canopy, Inc in Baton Rouge, LA. He was primarily responsible for protective operation training for individuals deploying overseas as protective security specialists. Daniel was also responsible for teaching fixed site security courses for individuals heading to Afghanistan to protect US Military installations. In 2013 Daniel moved back to NM and was hired by Calibers USA. Daniel taught New Mexico concealed carry courses, as well as many other firearms classes. He was the primary firearms craft instructor until he and Calibers parted ways in 2016. Daniel is a commissioned law enforcement officer in NM and currently teaches for Intelligent Survival Research in Albuquerque, NM. Daniel has spent the last 5 years teaching full time for either government agencies or civilian students.